Lorena is an entrepreneur and new U.S. Citizen

Lorena Villalobos is a model of ambition and dedication. Her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur was realized in her fifth year of classes with Literacy Network.

Lorena knew to advance further in her goals, she needed to become a U.S. citizen. Without citizenship, she didn’t have full access to the business world. Lorena worked for two hours weekly with her tutor, Jenny, to improve her literacy skills to pass the citizenship test. In April of 2016, she was successful in her goal. “I’m born again as an American citizen,” Lorena shared.

Lorena wasn’t alone in her success. Her son Juan, who reached his goal of attending medical school, gained his citizenship the very same day as his mother.

Lorena’s determination paid off. She is now the proud owner of Lorena’s Beauty Salon in Fitchburg.

“Lorena’s is a true success story. As a Spanish-speaking single mom, she overcame many obstacles. She dedicated time to learn English and worked many years at another salon. She gained the experience she needed to go out on her own. We’re so proud of her for starting her own business.” – Jana Moore of the Latino Chamber of Commerce

Literacy Network’s personalized program helped Lorena reach her goal of becoming a citizen and improving her language skills. As a business owner, she is strengthening our community and providing employment opportunities. Lorena has reached her ultimate goal of providing a more stable future for her family.

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