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Literacy Network works with full-time and part-time employees, interns, and hundreds of volunteers each year. We have an actively engaged board of directors that helps guide and support our work.

Volunteer tutors come from a variety of professional backgrounds and attend Literacy Network’s tutor training before being matched with adult students. Staff members listed below keep regular hours at the Literacy Network office (701 Dane Street, Madison) to offer support to other employees, volunteers, advocates, and visitors.

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Literacy Network Staff


Leanne Chan

Director of ESL Tutoring
Leanne oversees ESL tutoring programming at Literacy Network. She manages the Community Literacy program, which houses Literacy Network's ESL internships and provides ESL tutoring.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ex. 55
Becky Fabrizio Portrait

Bex Fabrizio

Director of ESL Group Instruction
Bex manages and teaches in our Public ESL Group Classes and Community English program, which collaborates with community partners to support ELL families.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 100
Margaret square

Margaret Franchino

Marketing & Events Manager
Margaret helps to coordinate all fundraising and marketing activities and events.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 95
Veronica Gomez

Veronica Gomez

Student Services Coordinator
Veronica welcomes visitors to Literacy Network, answers phones, and offers academic support and advising to Literacy Network students.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 30
Autumn square

Autumn Jackson

Grants Manager
Autumn manages grant submissions for continuing and new funding opportunities and oversees grant reporting across programs.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 1002
Yenny Juarez Reyes Portrait

Yenny Juarez Reyes

Office Manager
Yenny is responsible for management of Literacy Network’s facilities. She also welcomes visitors to Literacy Network, answers phones, and offers academic support and advising to Literacy Network students.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 90
Marie Knibbe portrait

Marie Knibbe

Director of ABE & GED Instruction
Marie oversees Adult Basic Education (ABE) programming at Literacy Network, including GED/HSED and Essentials Literacy programs.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 35
Angela Lake

Angela Lake

Essential Literacy Program Manager
Angela trains and supports interns for Literacy Network's Essential Literacy Program. She also oversees student recruitment, intake, and progress for the program and supports Essentials' connections with community partners.

phone: (608) 999-4114
Ena square

Ena Langendijk

Refugee Services Manager
Ena manages services for refugees, serving as both the first contact and continued support for refugee referrals as they work toward continued education and increased employability. She also teaches in our ESL group class programs.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 10
Caitlin Mackesey Portrait

Caitlin Mackesey

Director of Program Impact
Caitlin provides support and direction to the Citizenship, Refugee, and Student Services programs and staff. She also maintains and enhances the organization's data management systems.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 20
Jane McGowan_staff_A

Jane McGowan

Director of Development
Jane leads the fundraising, marketing and events working collaboratively with the Executive Director, the Development & Marketing Committee and the Board of Directors.  Key focus areas include donor relations, annual giving, messaging through newsletters, annual reports, and online and other communications.  She believes in the power of relationships, the culture of philanthropy, and the importance of literacy.

phone: (608) 268-3177
Alejandra Munoz Contreas

Alejandra Muñoz Contreras

Student Services Manager
Alejandra manages Literacy Network’s enrollment processes and Student Services staff. She and her team welcome visitors to Literacy Network, answer phones, and offer academic support and advising to Literacy Network students.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 75
Alejandra square

Alejandra Perez Montes

Student Services Coordinator
Alejandra welcomes visitors to Literacy Network, answers phones, and offers academic support and advising to Literacy Network students.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 80

Jennifer Peterson

Associate Director
Jennifer provides direction and support to all Literacy Network programs and Program & Student Services staff.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 25
Cassie Pilarski Portrait

Cassie Pilarski

Transitions Program Manager
Cassie manages our Transitions ESL program, including teaching in the Transitions group class, coordinating Transitions Tutoring at Madison College, and co-facilitating the Transitions work group.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 85
Lilly cropped

Lilly Rotter

Volunteer Manager
Lilly recruits, provides orientation to, and helps support volunteers across Literacy Network programs and outreach efforts.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 45
Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan

Executive Director
Robin is responsible for the overall direction and operation of Literacy Network. Starting this role in December 2022, she supports and collaborates with board, staff, community partners, and other key stakeholders to strategically maintain and build impactful programming for Dane County adults working to enhance the quality of their lives. Robin brings over 20 years of experience working in government and nonprofit leadership.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 15
Ilana Sedman Portrait

Ilana Seidman

ESL Instructor
Ilana teaches in our ESL group class programs.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 40
Mona Sotani Portrait

Mona Soltani

Director of Student Engagement
Mona is responsible for creating a Student Advisory Board. She directs and supports our Student Services Department.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 1005
Jill square

Jill Stendahl

Citizenship Program Manager
Jill provides instruction and develops curriculum for Literacy Network’s Citizenship program. She also coordinates records and reporting the federal AEFL grant which supports the program.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 70
Marie Simpson Portrait

Marie Wilder Lareau

ESL Instructor Manager
Marie teaches many of our group ESL classes. She also supervises LTE ESL Instructors.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 50
Gregg Williard Portrait

Gregg Williard

ESL Instructor
Gregg teaches many of our public ESL classes. He also manages programming for refugees, serving as the first contact, ESL instructor, and continued support for refugee referrals as they work toward continued education and increased employability.

phone: (608) 244-3911 ext. 60

Board of Directors


Tana Elias

Board President
Digital Services & Marketing Manager, Madison Public Library

“Literacy Network uplifts the lives of thousands of learners in our community and empowers them to achieve their literacy and life goals, from learning how to support their children in school to applying for jobs or advancing their careers. I'm honored to support and champion the efforts of the dedicated staff, students, and volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors.”
Janet Berger

Janet Berger

Board Treasurer

“In the short time I have been an ESL tutor, I have found it both challenging and rewarding. Each time I walk into the classroom, I am humbled by the dedication of the literacy learner I work with to learn English and thrive in a community and culture that I sometimes take for granted.”
Sue Alban

Sue Alban

Board Member
Accounting Specialist, Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association

"I have been really impressed by the work the Literacy Network has done to help adults learn English, improve their literacy, and gain citizenship. Hearing directly from people who have been helped by the Literacy Network is truly a moving experience. Their stories of how the Network's work was able to change their lives has motivated me to become more involved with Literacy Network."
Lindsay Broms

Lindsay Broms

Board Member
Director of Development, Scholarships and Student Support Initiatives, University of Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

"Literacy skills and accessible programming have the power to bring individuals together and open doors for new opportunities. I am proud to support the Literacy Network's life changing services they provide within the Greater Madison area to encourage and enhance literacy skills for individuals who are eager to learn and reach their full potential."

Bea Christensen

Board Member

As a retired teacher, Bea knows the power of reading, “There is a wonderful feeling that I would like to share with you. Close your eyes and imagine sitting beside someone who really wants to learn to read English and has a very serious look on their face. After this person has read a few sentences, open your eyes and see that person look up at you with a big smile on their face. They had just read something! That is what this wonderful feeling is like. As a volunteer, you can have that wonderful feeling. A feeling of knowing that you have been responsible for helping someone learn to read and hold their head high and feel good about themselves.”

Lau Christensen

Board Member

“There are many less fortunate people in our community that can’t read. That is one of the endeavors that Literacy Network does. It brings people together that can’t read and helps them learn. Then they, like you, will be able to stay up with the world and READ! That is just one of the reasons why I support Literacy Network.”
Corkey Custer_board

J. Corkey Custer

Board Member
Managing Partner, Custer Plumb Financial Services

“Literacy is the first step to almost every ambition a person could have, and I’m proud to be part of an organization that is so effective at giving people the chance to achieve it.”
Ann Karch

Anne Karch

Board Member
Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach

“Being a literacy tutor is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I had many rewarding years as a public school reading teacher. The amount of change that literacy brings to an adult's life is profound. It is a joy to watch a student's life, and their own self confidence improve. I appreciate that the Literacy Network offers seats on the board to those of us who tutor. This allows the passion we have for the work to spread throughout the governing body and keep us all focused on the importance of keeping the work going.”
Doug Keillor

Doug Keillor

Board Member

Doug, who earned his HSED after dropping out of high school and went on to serve as Executive Director of Madison Teachers Inc., shares, "My academic background instilled in me an appreciation for the multiple paths needed to provide opportunities for us to reach our full potential."
Stephanie Le headshot

Stephanie Le

Board Member
Design Strategist; Restaurateur, Little Palace

"During the time I have spent with Literacy Network, first as a tutor, then Group Leader intern, and now, member of the Development and Marketing Committee and Board of Directors, I only continue to be more and more inspired by the determination and dedication of this organization’s learners and those that lead the way for the great work being done in our community. I look forward to continuing to support the values, objectives, and mission of Literacy Network, an organization which helps to enhance the lives of so many in Dane County."
Stephanie Marquis

Stephanie Marquis

Board Member
President, Stephanie Marquis Enterprises, LLC

“It is important to lift up members of our community, and in working with Literacy Network, I see first-hand the impact the organization has on the lives of its adult learners.”
Stephanie Ortiz

Stephanie Ortiz

Board Member
Sales Engineer, Veracross

"As a lifelong language enthusiast I know the power of language in daily life for work, travel and overall well-being. I find Literacy Network's impact on our community of adult learners so impressive and important since we all connect through language. I cannot think of a more worthwhile mission than empowering people with language skills to improve their lives. I am honored to serve on the board and contribute to Literacy Network's mission in our community."
Sarah Horner

Sarah Reusché

Board Member
Associate Attorney, Boardman & Clark LLP

“Enhancing literacy skills for valuable members of the Dane County community is essential to closing opportunity gaps. I volunteer on the Literacy Network Board of Directors to help people of all backgrounds achieve the success they deserve."
Lynn Silverman

Lynn Silverman

Board Member

“I strongly believe in the work that Literacy Network is doing and would like to contribute to this agency’s continued growth and mission.”
Seth Umbaugh

Seth Umbaugh

Board Member
Teaching Faculty, The Writing Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Literacy Network provides crucial support to adult learners and removes barriers to participation in the greater Madison community. As a volunteer board member, I'm proud to work with Literacy Network to increase access to education and promote life-long learning"
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