Phillip achieved his high school diploma for his family

When his young granddaughter asked for help with her homework Phillip Morgan knew it was time for him to get some help as well. He did what any wonderful grandfather would do, he not only told his grandchildren that education is important, he became a great role model. Phillip began studying with a tutor at Literacy Network. Soon Phillip’s reading and writing skills improved. This achievement allowed him to reach his goal of earning his high school diploma and he is now enrolled in Madison College’s Biotechnology Laboratory Technician program.

Phillip has become a Literacy Network Ambassador and shares his powerful story with others. His goal is to encourage adults who are struggling with low literacy issues to seek support at Literacy Network so they can reach their goals.

“It is one thing to pull a man up, but it’s another thing to give a man an education so he can stand on his own two feet.” – Phillip Morgan

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