Dejanira strives toward employment goals with personalized support

“I learn English for communication with people at work.” In her home country of Venezuela, Dejanira worked as an accountant. Now living in Madison, she is pursuing a career in early childhood education and plans on taking classes at Madison College for an associate degree. Deya works one-to-one with a tutor every week at Literacy Network as part of the Community Literacy tutoring program. Barb, the tutor Deya works with, loves her volunteer role. “I love working with Deya because she’s fun. She likes to laugh. She’s very open. And she’s very motivated.”

This year, Deya has focused hard on skills to help her get a better job. While looking for a job this fall, she worked with her tutor to complete her resume, write a cover letter, and fill out job applications. They practiced making phone calls to inquire about job applications and Deya studied the types of questions she needs to know to speak with a supervisor at work.

Deya receives personalized lessons plans that address her specific goals and needs. With expert support, Barb and Deya are prepared to work toward Deya’s employment goals. “When we’re done with a lesson,” Barb says, “it feels good. I feel like I’m helping Deya move forward with her life here in the U.S. . . . It’s very rewarding.”

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