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Lucy helps others learn after achieving her citizenship

Lucy, who was a math teacher in her native Russia, started working with Literacy Network last year with the goal of becoming a U.S. citizen. For eight months, she worked in class and with a tutor to study the language skills and U.S. civics topics she would need to pass the naturalization test.

We’re happy to share that this summer Lucy reached her goal and achieved her U.S. citizenship! Now, Lucy is using her experience to help tutor other students in the same program to help them study for their naturalization test! So far this year, 40 people, all immigrants, have achieved their U.S. citizenship after studying with Literacy Network’s citizenship program.

Lucy shares some of her story this way:

“I am 78 years old and I am a retired Science teacher from Russia. I came to the US to join my family in 2011. In 2017 I took a citizenship test and failed it. I knew that I needed to study and practice more.

That is when I learned about Literacy Network! I joined a citizenship class in the fall of 2018. Systematic studies with Literacy Network and practicing with a tutor made all the difference! In June 2019 I passed the citizenship test! On September 5th I am taking the oath.

Although I am still learning English, I volunteer with the Literacy Network in hope that I can help someone to prepare for this important test too!”

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