Janet Berger

Janet gives back to her community with her time and donations

Janet Berger helps improve lives through literacy by supporting Literacy Network as a volunteer tutor with the Community Literacy ESL tutoring program, as a monthly donor to Literacy Network, and the treasurer on Literacy Network’s Board of Directors. Here’s what she shares motivates her to make a difference:

“After reaching a comfortable place in my life and accounting career, I wanted to find an opportunity to give back to the community in a more meaningful way to support a cause that I am very passionate about: education.

My first experience with Literacy Network was as an ESL tutor. With little personal experience in the education space, I was intimidated at first. However, Literacy Network’s team made it easy. Working with somebody learning English as a second language, it was great to watch his skills grow week to week.

In the short time I have been an ESL tutor, I have found it both challenging and rewarding. Each time I walk into the classroom, I am humbled by the dedication of the literacy learner I work with to learn English and thrive in a community and culture that I sometimes take for granted.

Seeing firsthand the effect that Literacy Network has on our community, I take great pride in both volunteering and financially supporting such an inspiring organization.”

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