Literacy Network Volunteer Contract

As a volunteer for Literacy Network, you agree to the following guidelines:

1. The personal information of Literacy Network students is confidential. Student names, photos, assessments, or any other identifying information shall not be made available to or shared with other individuals/agencies or on social media without prior written consent of the student and a Literacy Network staff member.

2. It is the volunteer's responsibility to hold secure and confidential any student information in their possession. All records containing student information is the property of Literacy Network.

3. Discreet discussion of a student is allowed among volunteers and staff. Volunteers discussing students will use only first names and avoid giving out other identifying information.

4. You understand that there may be formerly incarcerated individuals working in these programs to improve their literacy, and that Literacy Network creates a safe environment for all participants.

5. Volunteers must adhere to the following guidelines, unless given written consent by Literacy Network staff:
• Limit interactions with students to the confines of your tutoring session or class
• Do not bring valuables to your volunteering site.

6. Literacy Network is a professional educational organization, and volunteers, as representatives of Literacy Network, are expected to perform their duties in a respectful, professional manner.

7. Volunteers are asked to notify Literacy Network staff immediately if they feel unsafe at any time during their program participation, or if they witness interactions in violation of this contract.


I have read and understand Literacy Network’s volunteer contract and agree to abide by it.

By entering your name below you are electronically indicating that you accept and agree to follow the above commitment.

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