Tania’s Improved English Helps Her Earn a Promotion!

Adult learner Tania has been studying with Literacy Network for a year. She attends classes regularly and also practices between sessions, all while working full time and parenting three children. Thanks to her hard work, she recently moved up to Level 3 classes and earned a promotion at work!

Tania shares: “In my case, something good since I started taking english class on Literacy’s Network is my ability to understand and speak fluent English now. I learned differents ways how to communicate and use others words on my conversations with others. Now, I understood which word or expressions are acceptable and unanceptable in English culture. It help me to avoid misunderstanding communication with people who speak english and coworkers…Personally, I feel more special and confident with all my English knowledge obtained on class. I want to say thank you at Literacy Network for gave us to have the opportunity to attended English class online, because it help manny single parents who don’t have daycare to leave their children’s and go in person.”

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