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From homelessness to high school diploma: Seng’s story

When Seng started studying to get his high school diploma, many doors were closed to him. “I just started a new job and was struggling to find a place to live.” Living out of his car and working a temporary job, he knew it wouldn’t be easy to get his diploma more than 20 years after he dropped out of high school.

Seng began studying at Madison College and they connected him with Literacy Network’s trained volunteer tutors for weekly one-on-on tutoring sessions. “It help me tremendously and I was grateful to receive one-on-one help,” Seng shares. “What kept me going when I was homeless was the good vibes I got from people I was working with.”

This spring, Seng achieved his high school diploma after two years of hard work. “Everything improved,” he reflects. “In the past year, I was able to keep my job, find a place to live, get the help I need, and still attend classes.”

Today, everything has changed not just for his reading and writing skills, but for his confidence, too. He now lives in an apartment in Fitchburg – it was a lot easier to read through a lease agreement with is his improved reading skills. He works full time and wants to go to college eventually, probably to study a trade where he can use his hands. Where before so many options were cut off to him, today, opportunities abound for Seng. “I’m trying to make myself better every day,” he says. “I’m just glad there’s programs like this to help people like me.”

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