Progress update on renovations

We’re moving ahead with our plans to renovate the former Wingra Clinic at 701 Dane Street in Madison. To date, we’ve raised approximately $636,000 and have purchased the building with no debt.

We are happy to announce that J.H. Findorff and Sons will donate time and expertise to manage the renovation of the building. Many thanks to campaign team member Rich Lynch for helping us with this relationship!

To begin the renovation of the building, we need to raise $400,000. Our campaign committee is hard at work in strategizing our outreach to the community. We greatly appreciate your help in doing connecting to the community and people who would be wi8lling to help out with this project.

We are closing in on a deal with a tenant to lease approximately 2,500 square feet of the space. Income from the rental of the space will cover the cost of utilities and building maintenance.

In October, we had the roof fully redone and had the building checked for asbestos and environmental concerns. We are happy to report that there are no environmental concerns with the building and we are clear to begin the renovation stage of the project.

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