Michelle’s academic success follows personalized tutoring

Michelle chose to leave school when she was a teenager. She has returned now, as an adult, to pursue a career in Radiography. While completing her prerequisites at Madison College, she works with a Literacy Network volunteer tutor for academic support. “She helps me with everything,” Michelle shares. “Math, psychology, grammar . . . all of my homework. She also comes to my house and helps me when we don’t have enough time here. She’s made a huge difference in my life! I made the Dean’s List last year!”

As part of Literacy Network’s SCALE program, Michelle and her tutor Kristina meet weekly at Literacy Network’s learning center. The program brings multiple tutoring pairs into one classroom, with lesson plans and guidance provided by volunteer Session Leaders. The learning center’s computer lab provides technology they need to complete lessons. Private tutoring rooms through the building allow for a meaningful one-on-one experience. Michelle shares, “I never miss it! I don’t think I’ve missed one class! It really helps having a tutor. I’m so lucky to have had Kristina all this time. It makes a big difference when you’re super-comfortable with somebody. We’ve become friends.”

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