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Mario Practices for Confidence at Work and in Life

Mario and his wife, Genoveva, have been a dynamic learning team at Literacy Network! After completing English for Parents, they enrolled together in Level 3 ESL.  “They usually choose to work together during paired activities and I often see them discussing the questions and forming answers together,” shares Caitlin, their class instructor. “They push each other to participate more in games and all-class activities and they do their homework together.”

Mario enjoys all of the new people that he and his wife met when they joined the class. He also appreciates the opportunities to practice. “English class helps my life. I learning new words, more practice with speak,” he says. “I’m learning more fluent English. I like the grammar and practice for the pronunciation.”

The opportunity to practice in class gives Mario confidence to speak English at work. “I use it for my job. I speak a little more better for my boss and for my group when it working.” He also speaks English with his doctor, friends, and neighbors—“with my kids, too, for the homework.”

“Mario is very relaxed in class but never misses an opportunity to practice,” says Caitlin. “He asks great questions and turns in all of his work for feedback. He always comes early and has a positive attitude—even when he’s tired after working all day.”

What does Mario see in his future? “More classes! Because I need more practice for I understand more.”

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