Hosting a Literacy Network 101

Literacy Network has a great story to be told, as you know if you’re already supporting us. We need more people to know about the work of our volunteers and staff.  One of the best ways to share our story is word of mouth.

At Literacy Network 101, your friends and colleagues can learn more about the challenges faced by low-literate adults. Our hour-long LitNet 101 presentation is offered every month, and is a great way to hear more about the needs of our community as well as the programs Literacy Network has in place to address those needs.

Let us introduce you to adults impacted by low-literacy and how, through working with our programs, they are able to overcome their challenges. Best of all, you’ll learn how YOU can make a difference. We can host the event here at the Literacy Network office, at your office, or in your home.  Invite your friends, family, coworkers to hear about what we do.  To schedule a LitNet 101 contact Jen Davie at jdavie@litnetwork.org or 608-244-3911.

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