Donor and Campaign Pledge Update

Officially kicking off the campaign with our first ask in June was a wonderful feeling. Sharing the story for the first time with a family who has been a part of Literacy Network for many years and having them respond in such a generous manner. With each conversation that followed we found ourselves sitting in a room with community members who supported this grand idea we had. Our expansion to serve more students started to take form and we quickly moved towards our first milestone, $100,000 raised towards the Literacy Network South Madison Capital Campaign. We are happy to share our first donors towards this campaign.

Current campaign payments and pledges: $125,727.74

Dipesh Navsaria
Julie and Timothy Snyder
Erika Rosales
Ximena Restrepo
Shawn and Jessica Jackson
Laura Ortiz Cruz
Karen Bender
Barb and John Rockenbach
Jane Nemke-Earl
U.S. Bank Foundation
Jonathan and Maureen Miner
Stuart Levitan
J. H. Findorff & Son
Fred Gants
Richard and Sheri Birrenkott
Jason Iverson
Stephen and Susan Labelle
Tara Torrens
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
John Selbo and Burneatta Bridge
Patty Stockdale
Bill and Mary Niedermeier
Magic Pebble Foundation
Carol and Dean Schroeder
Cricket Design Works
Dean & St. Mary’s

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Your donation will make vital adult literacy education possible!

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