Claudell shares his newfound reading abilities with his grandson

Claudell learned to read and write as a grandfather

Claudell Boyd crossed Taft Street from his apartment to start doing something he had been thinking about his whole life: learning to read. He wrote about his journey and shared his story at Reading Between the Wines last month. Here is Claudell’s story:

“Coming to Madison was not my decision, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. To see children losing their lives on foolishness as a result of their family’s drug addiction and foolish decisions made me want to leave Chicago. After waking up one day, I had a stroke in my sleep, let me know it was time for a change. I knew I needed better medical attention as well as a better environment. I was just going to the store to get some beer and my granddaughters came to Chicago because they heard I was having a difficult time and they just simply pulled up and said “Come on, Grandpa, we’re taking you home with us.” So I wound up in Madison. Living alone makes me feel more comfortable because I don’t have to worry about nothing else. I can go home and go to bed and not worry that somebody will shoot me in my sleep. Everything that’s negative I closed the door and left it outside. Having an opportunity to go to school, have somebody tutor me, that I could maybe learn how to read better makes me feel more positive about myself. Seeing myself grow makes me feel good about myself.”

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