Community Literacy – Tutor Contract

Community Literacy Contract - Tutors

For many learners, this class is the only time they get to work on English during the week. A lot of planning goes into preparing lesson plans for learners, and interns also take time to make thoughtful pairings between the students and tutors that will attend any given session.

For these reasons, all Community Literacy tutors must agree to the following rules:

  • Attend your weekly Zoom, phone, or in-person lesson at the scheduled time.
    • If you cannot attend your lesson that week, call or email your Group Leader at least two hours before class starts.
  • Keep your scheduled tutoring session free of distractions or interruptions. If you are tutoring on Zoom or over the phone, go to a quiet place in your home. If you are tutoring in-person, keep your phone is on vibrate or silent during the session.
  • Submit your weekly feedback immediately after each tutoring session. Providing quality feedback is an important part of tutoring in Community Literacy. You will have instructions in your lesson plan about how to submit feedback.
  • We ask that all tutors miss no more than two classes in any given semester.
  • Do not contact your student outside of your tutoring session
  • Your Group Leader will call students before class every week to ask if they need resources and confirm they can attend their tutoring session.
  • Your tutoring time will involve some conversation practice. Please don’t discuss sensitive topics such as: marital status, immigration, religion or politics.
  • We ask that you not share personal information about your student outside of class.
  • Do not offer or ask for favors, gifts or money.

By entering your name below you are electronically indicating that you accept and agree to follow the above commitment. Contact Lilly (lilly@litnetwork.org) with any questions or concerns.

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