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Because of you, Rosa pursues her dream

My dream is to help.” Rosa Chango dreams of helping people with their dental care problems. She is about to enter the Dental Hygienist Associate Degree program at Madison College and works with a Literacy Network tutor to build up her English reading and writing skills. “Here,” she shares, “I have more opportunity to study, to have an education.” Despite starting at Literacy Network with almost no skills in English, Rosa had a clear goal in mind to eventually earn a degree at Madison College.

Three years later, she has the academic skills she needed to pass the math and chemistry classes required to enter the Dental Hygienist program. When she came to Literacy Network, staff spoke with her about her long-term goal. They paired her with a tutor to follow a personalized curriculum based on the classes she takes at Madison College and her growing confidence with English. “At Madison College, it’s a lot of students and one teacher . . . here, it’s face-to-face with my tutor.” Today, one class away from starting her degree program, Rosa is one step closer to her dream.

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