You can help build capacity for families

Recently, the Channel 3 News team joined us for a tour at our new building and discussed the major gift of $100,000 from UW Health and Unity Health Insurance! View the tour on Channel3000.com 

What will this new learning center mean to adult learners?  It will mean dignity and respect for those with limited educational opportunities. It will mean sufficient space for vital programs — a dedicated library, childcare space, tutoring rooms, classrooms and a technology lab. It will mean greater earning power to emerge from poverty.

Nearly 200 donors have stepped up to join us! We are so grateful for all of the gifts toward this major goal — more than $1.2 million in gifts and pledges have been contributed by our community. But we are still short of our goal. That is why we need your help this summer to raise $500,000 by the end of August so that we can pay for renovations and open our new learning center.

More than 1,000 families ask you to step up to this challenge. Learn more at www.growingthroughliteracy.org, and give a call at 608-244-3911 to discuss your ideas for making this goal a reality. Make your contribution today. Thanks so much for all you do to improve our community!

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Your donation will make vital adult literacy education possible!

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