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For Volunteers : Conversation Group Partners

Application: Conversation Group Partners

Looking for a fun way to connect with adults from all over the world? Literacy Network is seeking friendly and enthusiastic conversation partners to chat with adult students (we call them learners) in our weekly English Conversation Group!

Conversation group meets Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm at Literacy Network (701 Dane St). This is a semester commitment; you must be able to attend every week, January 24 - May 9, with no more than 2 absences.

Your responsibilities:

  • Work with small groups of students (3-4) to lead and facilitate conversations on given topics in English.
  • Help students with vocabulary, pronunciation, word usage, and other mechanics of conversing in English.
  • Assist the conversation group supervisor with other tasks or activities as needed.

Required skills:

  • Fluency in English (all conversation is done in English)
  • Experience working with English language learners
  • Punctual, reliable, and adaptable to different learners' levels and learning/communication skills
  • Positive, friendly attitude
  • Must be attend every Wednesday the entire semester
  • Must attend training our one-hour training before semester starts

This is a English immersion group; volunteers should expect to speak English only. Volunteers must be able to follow instructions from the instructor, who will plan topics and materials for each conversation group. If you are interested in a position in this program, please complete the form below. FIELDS WITH BLUE HEADINGS ARE REQUIRED. Demographic information is required but does not affect your qualification as a volunteer; we are merely required to provide (anonymous) demographic information of our volunteers to our funding agencies.

Completing an application does not guarantee you a spot in our program; your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted within a few weeks. Thank you for applying to tutor with Literacy Network!

Please complete all required fields.

Your full name (First and last names)
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Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) (Must be 18+ to tutor)
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 Native American/American Indian
Please list any languages you speak proficiently (other than English)
If you are employed, your employer (name of business or organization)
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If you are a full-time student, your college and area of study
Reliable transportation to/from your volunteer site is required. How will you be traveling to/from your tutoring site? (Bus/bike is typically NOT considered reliable transportation during winter months.)
 I have a vehicle
 I will be borrowing a vehicle
 I will take a cab every week
Review your calendar and verify you are able to attend group EVERY WEEK, with no more than 2 absences. (There will be no alternative or make-up sessions.)
 Yes, I can attend EVERY WEEK, with no more than two absences.
 No, I will miss more than 2 weeks of classes.
Will your participation in this program fulfill a requirement for your school credit or certification program? (Service learning or practicum)
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Please read the following statements and check the box if you agree:
 I understand that by submitting this application I authorize Literacy Network to conduct a criminal background check on me. All information will remain confidential.
 I understand that in providing my services as a volunteer with the Literacy Network I will respect the confidentiality of learners, donors and other tutors.
 I grant my permission and consent to Literacy Network and any agency affiliated with Literacy Network to use my name and to print, copy, publish, and reproduce photographs and any other likenesses of me for promotional reasons.

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