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Mon, Feb 19, 2018
What's Happening : Reading Btwn the Wines
What a great time!

Thank you for joining in on the fun! Your presence inspired each of the students as they shared their stories. If you missed the event this year check out the videos below.

We hope to see you at the event in 2018.

Otis Cox, 2016 Student Reader

I learned to read in first grade in Arkansas. Miss Golden was my teacher. She was also the principal of my school, which was named after her husband. The first book I remember reading was about a little girl named Susie who pulled her dog around in a little red wagon. It was an introductory book to teach me how to recognize my ABC's and read words like "boy" , "girl", "cat" and "dog". It was a simple story, not history. History came later.
Two of my favorite books to read were "Of Mice and Men" and the biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. When I was little, I enjoyed reading about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Books take you away. I also enjoyed reading "A Christmas Carol". It was good to see that even though Ebenezer Scrooge was a bad tyrant at first, he changed and became a good person. I am interested in reading about people who changed things or did important things.
I remember one of my teacher's, Joe Thomas, reading to me about the Civil War and the impact it had on black people's lives. We had to do an essay on it when he was done. It made an impression on me to learn about why they were fighting.
It's important for children and adults to learn to read. It's a basic survival skill. You need it to apply for jobs, college and other important things. You need it for everyday living - to cook, follow directions, help your children with their homework, and travel. It also helps people experience and learn about other things that they wouldn't experience or know about any other way. It's important for both children and adults to read for fun too. It's good for the brain and it expands your knowledge. Sometimes it's good to read to escape. Other times, it's important to read to know what's going on in the world. I used to read for fun when I was younger, now I mostly read things I need to read, like the newspaper. I would like to read thrillers, detective stories or mystery books.