Because of you, Rosa pursues her dream

“I have more opportunity to study, to have an education.”

Phillip achieved his high school diploma for his family

When his young granddaughter asked for help with her homework Phillip Morgan knew it was time for him to get some help as well. He did what any wonderful grandfather would do, he not only told his grandchildren that education is important, he became a great role model.

Lorena is an entrepreneur and new U.S. Citizen

Lorena Villalobos is a model of ambition and dedication. Her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur was realized in her fifth year of classes with Literacy Network.

Michelle’s academic success follows personalized tutoring

“I never miss it! I don’t think I’ve missed one class! It really helps having a tutor. I’m so lucky to have had Kristina all this time. It makes a big difference when you’re super-comfortable with somebody. We’ve become friends.”

“If you learn English, you open all the doors”

“My boys say, ‘Hey, mom, you can do it. We believe in you. And sometime it’s gratifying because they believe in me. That’s wonderful.”

For Ceni, citizenship is another step in a life of growth

“I am also livng a great success in my life, on March 22nd it’s my big day because is my naturalization Oath Ceremony as a US citizen . . .”

Genoveva dreams of opening a bakery

When I was little I lived in Mexico in a town I lived there with my parents I had two sisters and a brother and also I studied there until the sixth grade of elementary school but afterwards I did not have money and I had to help my mother with chores of my house and prepare food . . .

Tracey reflects on life outside of prison

Life outside of prison is great. Seeing my family everyday, falling deeper in love with my girlfriend every moment that I share with her, and eating delicious food is everything I expected it to be and more.