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About Us : Our Learners : Oscar's story

My name is Oscar Villa and I was born in Bolivia. I studied in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, at the Universidad Mayor Real y Pontifical of San Francisco Xavier of Chuquisaca, the first university in America.

During my university years I achieved the title of Bachelor of Science in Economics and Financial Management, and with my subsequent qualification, I achieved a diploma in Social Sciences and then a Masters in Social Sciences Higher Education.

During my professional career I was fortunate to hold several executive positions as a Project Manager in a departmental development entity, and I was also teaching at the University as a professor in Geographical Economic and economic doctrines. I was lucky to visit different countries for many institutions seminaries in South, Central and North America and Europe.

When I migrated to the United States of North America, I came full of hope of serving the society with my vast knowledge acquired, but I forgot something very important, a key that would open the way to the performance of what I wanted to do and that key was the English language.

For many years I was condemned to live in the underworld of the "Spanglish", I was consumed by compliance because everywhere I went they always had a Spanish assistant so I sank every day more.

One day I saw a sign that said free English classes, so I came to the Literacy Network offices and such was my surprise that I found friendly, courteous and polite people with a smile on their lips. They told me that they would accommodate my time and that after a certain number of classes I would have a professor, a personal tutor, and all of this was FREE.

I would like to thank the Literacy Network for helping me get that key that I left for many years. What the Literacy Network has given me is priceless because thanks to them I can now communicate with my children's teachers, doctors, neighbors, my sons and I am sure very soon I will have English speaking friends, too.

Thank you to the Literacy Network for all the effort, and the dedication that makes me and the people of different races, countries, and languages achieve our goals. Thank you for treating us equally with courtesy and professionalism, thanks again.