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Candy sits in one of the student learning rooms at the Literacy Network. Wearing a pageboy hat and a fitted jacket, you can tell she appreciates good fashion. Just a year ago, Candy didn't speak enough English to interact with salespeople at her favorite stores.

"When I had a problem purchase, I was afraid that I can't talk, how can I return this?" she remembers. "Now, I have no problem with that. They can understand me."

An easier shopping experience is just one of Candy's many achievements. Since June 2009, she's worked with tutor Welcome Fawcett to prepare for her citizenship test.

Born in China, Candy met her now-husband while working as a human resources manager at a Chinese company. Things soon changed for her after they married and emigrated to the United States. When she arrived, she knew no English.

"I want to learn English so that people can understand me, and I can understand people," Candy says. "When in the future, I go out looking for job, it will help me much for that."

Actively pursuing this goal, Candy and Welcome meet here several times a week. Thanks to Candy's drive and her tutor's help, her speaking skills have come a long way.

"When I come here and learn English, you feel like people are your friend or family," she says, smiling. "You don't feel uncomfortable. You can talk to them, about anything."

Candy is focused on her studies. After all, she plans to pass her citizenship test the first try. Most importantly, she'll do it, like everything else, with style.

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