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Dwayne wants to tell the world about literacy. He wants to go on Oprah, and standing proud, tell the audience, "Reading changed my life."

Maybe Oprah isn't a reality yet, but ever since he came to the Literacy Network, Dwayne isn't afraid to dream bigger.

"I want to go to college. That's my goal, that's why I come here," he says. "I don't want to keep telling myself, if only I would of did this…I'm in it to win it."

In July 2009, Dwayne first met with our staff. Soon, we matched him with tutor Jim Peterson. After a couple of meetings, Dwayne could tell they were a great match.

"This program is awesome," he says, smiling. "They find someone to fit you. Here, you get someone who is compatible."

Dwayne has made vast improvements in his reading. He's imagining a lot more for himself these days. He plans to get his GED. He hopes to attend college. Most importantly, he feels good about doing something that makes his children, two teenagers, proud.

"For you to open a book and get to read, it sounds like nothing," Dwayne says. "When I get to open up a book and get to read, it's a whole different world. That's what I want to share with folks. Reading is very important. Reading is like a miracle."

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